Intel Core i7 Mobile Processor Review

Intel has recently announced their Intel Core i7 Mobile Processor, which takes their Core i-series technology and applies it to laptops. This is an exciting development that continues to bridge the gap between desktop and laptop performance, but what are the main benefits of a Core i7 processor? Let us take a look.

While processor speeds in the past were based mainly on MHz, this is becoming less of an issue with the introduction of multi-core processors. Now, multi-core processors provide the equivalent of 2 or more CPUs in a single chip, making the MHz rating less relevant and boosting performance at the same time. While the Core i7 Mobile processor is faster than previous chips, its speed is only one of its many improvements.

The Intel Turbo Boost Technology included in the chip essentially allows the cores to run faster than their base frequency, provided it can do so within power, current, and temperature limits. In many ways, this is equivalent to over clocking, but the chip will not do so in a situation that could potentially cause overheating or overvoltage, reducing the risk of damage.

The Core i7 also has video encoding speed boosts built in, and Intel claims it is up to 81% faster at encoding video. The chip can also improve artificial intelligence in games by up to 31%, according to Intel, for more realistic games.

The Core i7 can support up to four cores and also supports Intel’s Hyper-Threading Technology, allowing it to better utilize multiple cores and even process two threads per core. This simulates the equivalent of 8 cores of processing power in some situations. The chip can support up to 8 MB of cache for faster processing of data, and it supports two-channel DDR3 1333 MHz memory.

There is no doubt that laptops and notebooks are beginning to replace desktops as most user’s primary computer. The Intel Core i7 Mobile processor provides the power and benefits of Intel’s latest chip to these mobile platforms, making this an even easier transition for many users.