What type of computer is best for you? Netbook, Laptop, Desktop, All-in-one Computer?

When shopping for a new computer, you are faced with a number of options, but none is more important than the form factor, or the type of computer. The choice of a laptop, desktop, or other styles is largely based on your specific needs. Here we will look at the most common types of computer, and the type of user that is most likely to prefer each type.

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The traditional desktop computer is declining in popularity as most users are gravitating toward the portability of laptop computers. The benefits of a desktop machine are still valid, however. Those who need the most powerful computer possible, or those who need to be able to easily add or remove hardware components, will generally prefer a desktop computer. Desktops are also preferred for users who wish to power multiple displays and those who are heavy gamers.


The laptop computer has been growing in popularity in the past few years largely because it has nearly caught up in performance to desktop machines. Instead of having to choose between a powerful desktop machine or a slower laptop, users can now have both. Laptops will appeal most to users who desire portability but also solid performance.


As one of the most portable form factors available, small netbooks provide greater portability than laptops but at the cost of providing less performance. They are well-suited for users who value portability and don’t mind trading it for reduced speed, less multi-tasking ability, and less storage.

All-in-one machines

All-in-one computers are those that include the CPU and LCD display in one self-contained unit. They will appeal most to users who want a slim design that is easy to connect and to use. Many all-in-one machines are also very affordable, making them a good choice for smaller budgets.