Finding the proper HP Laptop AC Adapter

If your HP laptop is not charging the battery while your AC adapter is plugged into the laptop, you probably need a replacement Laptop AC Adapter. It is important to ensure you have the correct AC adapter for your specific HP laptop, as using an incorrect adapter could potentially cause damage. Here are a few methods for finding the proper HP laptop AC adapter.

The simplest method is to use an online parts locator tool. Many online retailers offer such a tool. Simply enter your HP laptop’s model number into the search and the tool will provide you with the proper replacement parts that are compatible with your specific model. The benefit of this method is that you are often given a choice of both OEM and third-party Laptop AC adapters for your HP notebook. Third-party adapters are often much less expensive than their OEM counterparts, and as long as they are purchased from a reliable source, should perform every bit as well as the OEM version.

Another method of finding the correct AC adapter for your HP laptop is to use the support software provided. Click Start, the Help & Support. Here you will find the product name, model number, and serial number. This will help you locate the correct part for your HP laptop. The product’s serial number is usually located on the bottom of the machine as well. You can call HP support directly to order a replacement AC adapter, though this will usually be the most expensive route. Another option is to call or email an online retailer with your model number and serial number, and they can often help you locate the correct part.

Finding replacement parts for an HP laptop is not as difficult as it once was, with the benefit of online parts locator tools. It is now a simple process to find parts even for older models. Take advantage of the many tools available for finding an AC adapter for your HP laptop.