Common Causes of Motherboard Failure

A laptop motherboard is the life line of a laptop. It controls virtually every component and handles the input and output of data to and from each part. When a motherboard begins to fail it can be a serious problem that can be expensive to fix and severely affect the usability of the machine. Here, we will look at some common causes of laptop motherboard failure.

The number one culprit for almost any failing component in a laptop is heat. Excessive heat is usually caused by poor ventilation, which could be blocked vents on the laptop or even a fan which is failing to cool the laptop correctly. Excessive heat can cause the motherboard to warp, which can make components on the board fail. It can also loosen solder points on the board, causing components to lose contact or short, causing mainboard failure. In nearly all of these cases, a replacement of the mainboard is the required fix.

Another common cause of laptop motherboard failure is an electrical problem such as a short or a static discharge. Computer components are very sensitive to over-voltage or under-voltage problems. They are also very sensitive to static electricity. Either of these issues can cause an electrical problem with the motherboard that may lead to failure.

In many cases, a mainboard failure is actually the result of some type of physical damage. For example, the laptop DC-in jack being damaged from stress being put on the connection, this is sometimes repairable by simply replacing the jack, but can also damage a board beyond repair. Other components or connections on the motherboard can be damaged from improper disassembly/reassembly during repairs. Some integrated components are not supplied as spare parts from the manufacturer and may leave motherboard replacement as the only option.

When a laptop mainboard failure occurs, it is a very labor-intensive task to replace or repair it. One should also weigh the cost of replacement/repair against the cost of a new laptop, as replacing a motherboard is often one of the most costly repairs you can make.