Benefits of laptop touch screens vs. traditional laptop displays

While touch screen display laptops are more expensive than their non-interactive counterparts, they are still becoming increasingly popular in today’s market. What makes these machines so much more popular lately? It’s actually a combination of a number of things that add up to a more convenient, intuitive, and easier to use machine.

For one thing, touch screen displays are a lot easier to navigate than even using a traditional mouse. With a touch screen, you simply have to touch what you want to select or interact with, and it’s done. This also allows users to do more delicate tasks than they could with a mouse, as the touch of a finger is easier to coordinate than moving an external mouse to influence the graphical cursor. Eliminating the accommodation for a mouse also frees up hardware space on your laptop, allowing for the keyboard to expand to a fuller size, making it easier to type than on a regular machine.

In fact, the exclusion of a mouse and therefore mouse accessories (such as room for a mouse pad, or a touch pad, or extra USB, serial ports and other parts), actually has the potential to lower the production costs of these machines, which in turn makes them more affordable for consumers. Indeed, as more and more touch screen laptops make their way onto the market, prices are continually dropping and becoming even more accessible for users.

Touch screen laptops also add the convenience of features that traditional laptops cannot. For example, students can use a stylus with their touch screen computers and physically write down their notes on their computers, which can be run through text-recognition software and converted to type, or manipulated by a note taking program that can allow them to manipulate and organize their notes in ways traditional pen and paper nor traditional laptops could. It’s also worth noting that many touch screen laptops also include the functionality of having the LCD screen swivel around to essentially make the machine a convertible Tablet PC, which is an added bonus and makes the machine even more portable and easier to work with.