NEC AAN29431 1720mAh/6.6WH 3.8V Cell Phone Battery for NEC N34 MEDIAS U N-02E

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AAN29431 battery

Brand New NEC AAN29431 replacement battery for NEC Mobile Phone 1720mAh/6.6WH 3.8V


Battery Compatibility Name: NEC cell phone battery
Battery Application: Mobile Phone
Chemical Materials: Li-ion
Rated Capacity: 1720mAh/6.6WH
Standard Voltage: 3.8V
Part Numbers:
Compatible Models:

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JP: NEC AAN29431 携帯電話のバッテリー
DE: NEC AAN29431 Handy Akku
ES: NEC AAN29431 Batería del celular
IT: NEC AAN29431 Batteria del cellulare
PL: NEC AAN29431 Bateria Telefonu Komórkowego
US: NEC AAN29431 Cell Phone Battery is the home of British most comprehensive laptop batteries,dell Laptop Battery,and ac adapters website. Wholesale or retail laptop batteries and laptop adapters with high quality & low price. Just enjoy your digital life with a new laptop battery.

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