CHEAP PC Adapter Charger Replacement Samsung A3514_DSML

Click to see the compatibility of Notebook Charger Samsung A3514_DSML. Replacement Laptop AC Adapter for Samsung for A3514_DSML LS27E510CS/EN Monitor PSU, order online at a low price!

High-quality & Low-Cost Notebook Charger Samsung A3514_DSML Replacement

We will be your one-stop-shop for Samsung Notebook Charger. We make every effort to provide Replacement Samsung A3514_DSML Laptop AC Adapter. If you have lost or misplaced your Samsung Power Supply, then look no further for a replacement.

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Reference Picture for Samsung A3514_DSML Notebook Charger:

Samsung A3514_DSML adapter

Details of Samsung A3514_DSML Notebook Charger:

Input volt: 100 ~ 240V 50~ 60Hz 1.0A

Output volt:

Part Numbers for Samsung A3514_DSML Laptop AC Adapter:

C27F591FDC C27F591FD A4514_FPNA A3514_DSML LS27E510CS/EN 173B s20d300h s20d340h s20d300h s20d340hy s22d300by LTM1555B S24C350H S24C570HL S27A350 S27D360H

Fit Models of Samsung A3514_DSML Laptop AC Adapter:

for Samsung C27F591FDC C27F591FD A4514_FPNA Power Supply Charger
Samsung A3514_DSML LS27E510CS/EN Monitor PSU
Samsung s20d300h s20d340h s20d300h s20d340hy s22d300by
Samsung SyncMaster 173B LCD Monitor Power Supply
Samsung LTM1555B LCD Charger
Samsung S24C350H S24C570HL S27A350 S27D360H

AC Input:100 ~ 240V 50~ 60Hz 1.0A
DC Output:14V 3.22A/45W(14V 1.07A 15W /14V 1.786A-1.79A 25W /14V 2.14A 30W /14V 2.5A 35W /14V 2.86A/14V 3A 42W )
DC connector size:6.5*4.4mm (reference the pictures)
Package Included:
1x AC adapter

Advantages of choosing our Samsung A3514_DSML Notebook Charger:

1. Over-voltage and short-circuit protection, short-circuit protection / over-temperature protection.

2. Wide input voltage range, stable operation under 90v-265v voltage, safe for laptop.

3. PCB and protective cover are made of fireproof material.

4. When using a laptop, the ripple and noise are low.

5. High-quality raw materials.

6. High power exchange efficiency, which can control the working temperature and stabilize the work of the notebook computer.

7. Save more than 98% power (saving power means less power waste and computer efficiency).

8. Use temperature to protect NTC. Use insulating paper to isolate the electrodes. For safety, please use fireproof tape and silicone to ensure the safety of the laptop during work.

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