Apple has stalled the matter and is accused of using third parties to store user data

The plaintiff filed a class action lawsuit against Apple in the Federal District Court for the Northern District of California, accusing Apple of alleged false propaganda, claiming that iCloud data was “stored by Apple”, and the reality is that iCloud data is sometimes stored on Amazon, Google and Microsoft servers. on.

The indictment states that Apple violated customer fiduciary duties and legally binding contracts, using its status and reputation to sell iCloud subscription services to customers, misleading customers to believe that their data is stored in cloud services owned and managed by Apple rather than third parties. In fact, the business is actually subcontracted to Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

The plaintiff alleged that Apple “lacked the infrastructure necessary to operate iCloud” and could not fully control iCloud data during the contract period. Apple does not accurately describe the nature of iCloud services to existing and potential subscribers.

The Cloud User Agreement indicates that all data flows directly from the user device to Apple.

However, industry professionals know at least Apple’s outsourcing of iCloud services in 2011. Apple also confirmed in early July that iCloud relies partly on third-party services.