When the Huawei mobile phone is turned on, the interface is stuck

The phone is always on the Honor interface, it may be that the phone has set permissions, accidentally delete some system files, and then can not enter the system. It is recommended that you try to press and hold the power button for 20 seconds to turn it off and then try it again. Still unable to boot, while pressing the phone power button, volume +, volume – three buttons at the same time, enter the recovery mode, clear the data to restore the factory settings. The data in the phone will be deleted when the factory is restored.

The following steps to enter recovery mode are as follows:

1. Use the volume + and volume buttons to adjust the bright bar to “wipe data/factory reset”, ie “clear data recovery factory setting”, press the power button to confirm.

2. Use the Volume + and Volume – buttons to adjust the highlight to “Yes, delete all user data” and press the power button to confirm.

3. Wait for a while until the screen appears. Select “reboot system now” to restart the phone and press the power button to confirm.

If you still can’t open it, please bring your warranty certificate to the nearby Huawei Customer Service Center for inspection and repair.