iPad Air common problems and solutions

Last year, Apple introduced the iPadAir with a new narrow bezel design, a slimmer body and strong performance, so it is still the best 10-inch tablet in the world. However, it is obviously not perfect. Some small problems of hardware and software often cause us trouble, so here we summarize the 10 usage problems and solutions of iPadAir to help you get a better experience.

No sound
If you find that the iPad Air has no sound, first check that the volume setting is correct, then make sure that no device is plugged into the headphone jack, then you can do the following checks:
● Double-click the Home button to close all applications
● Press and hold the power and Home button simultaneously for about 10 seconds to restart in Safe Mode
● Make sure that the lock button is not set to the mute function (you can find related items in Settings – General)

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center and make sure there is no mute or connected to the Bluetooth output device.
Try inserting the headset and pulling it out, or use a tool to blow into the hole in the earphone.
● Reset the system by setting – General – Restore – Restore all settings
● If the above operations are invalid, you can only contact Apple customer service for testing.

2. The camera does not start or is stationary after startup

Sometimes, you may encounter an iPad Air camera that cannot be started, or often crashes, which is basically a system problem. In addition to closing the application, rebooting, restoring settings, or even restoring the system, you can go to “Settings – General – Access Restrictions” to see if the camera is disabled, or check “Settings – Privacy” to see if the application you are using is disabled. Access to the camera’s permissions.

3. The touch screen is not sensitive or stuck

In fact, the author has also encountered the slow response of the iPad Air touch screen, which is basically a system problem, and you can use iTunes to restore the system. In addition, it may be a film problem or the Voice Over function is turned on.


4. Can’t rotate screen
First, make sure that the lock button is not applied to the screen rotation lock, you can change it in Settings – General, and you can also view it in the Control Center. In addition to this, there are no other solutions besides rebooting, restoring settings, and restoring the system.

5. Crash, no response, frequent restart
There are some small bugs in i0S 7 that may be the culprit causing system operation problems. So, we have to upgrade the iPad Air to the latest version, and turn off all background applications, reboots, restore settings and even the system. If you remember which app is installed, the iPad Air becomes unstable, you can also try to uninstall it. application.

6. iCloud download content is too slow after restoring the system

If you use iCloud to restore backups, a large number of applications, photos and videos need to be downloaded from the network to the iPad Air, so the download speed may not be ideal, then you can restart the router, restart the iPadAir to make the download smoother; It is recommended that you use iTunes local backup to restore faster.

7. Overheated body

In general, running a large game with the iPad Air may result in a hot body. After all, the iPad Air has no built-in fan and the thermal conductivity of the metal back is more obvious. You can achieve better heat dissipation by removing the protective cover, or turn on the air conditioner to lower the room temperature.

8. “Yin and Yang Screen”
The iPad Air screen shows the brightness of the black and white halves. The iPad Air Yin Yang screen is an early production defect, you can distinguish this problem by opening a white picture and background. This is the next time on a hardware and can only be sent to the repair shop for repair.