The host does not respond when booting. How to detect the power?

Many friends will encounter no reaction when the host is turned on, the power supply does not work, then of course, other hardware will not work normally without power supply. In fact, there are many reasons for this problem, but the primary object of doubt It is the “host power supply”, but we don’t know how to test the power supply. If the power supply is plugged in, there is no way to make the power supply work, and there is no way to test it.

First, plug the power supply line into the power supply, and then short-circuit the power supply. What is short-circuited is to short-circuit the power supply to see if it does not turn. Note that the shorting time can’t be too long. Generally, it’s okay for ten or twenty seconds. The shortest time control should be as short as possible. It is unlikely that the power supply will be broken. If it does not turn, it is completely determined that the power supply is broken.

Specific steps:
First plug the power supply into the power supply line, ready to power the power supply.

See the fourth last blue-green line, pay attention to the green connecting line

Use a pair of tweezers or other substitutes to connect the green line to the black line next to it.

We have connected, pay attention to a little deeper, put it out to prevent contact, pay attention to the fan does not turn, then press the power switch to power on

Then see if the fan starts to turn


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