Connect the power switch with a Coke bottle to make the computer run more smoothly

Sometimes the computer at home is dusty and wants to clean but there are no tools. At this time, using a hair dryer is very good. One netizen gave us a way to make a simple hair dryer. Interested netizens will come and see it.

In the first step, cut the cola bottle halfway and take the upper part of the Coke bottle. Next, take out a straw, cut out the pleated section of the head, and then take out a small fan and stuff its motor into the straw.

In the second step, take out two wooden sticks on the cola bottle, sandwich the straw between the sticks, and glue them to the bottle.

In the third step, the remaining straws are folded twice and attached to the bottle as a handle.

In the fourth step, take out a charging treasure and apply glue to the bottom of the bottle.

In the fifth step, take out a switch and attach it to the handle, then solder the motor, switch and USB cable together. The hair dryer is complete.

Finally, when you need to use it, gently press the switch on the handle, the bottle mouth can blow strong wind. With it, dust will definitely be removed easily. If some netizens are interested in this hair dryer, try to do one.

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