The benefits of upgrading RAM on a laptop computer

Upgrading the RAM on a laptop computer is one of the cheapest, quickest, and easiest upgrades to dramatically improve its performance and boot time. Here we will look at the main benefits of upgrading RAM on a laptop computer.

  1. Open more programs at once

Each program that a user opens resides in RAM. The more programs that are open at once, the more RAM that is required. When the system runs out of available RAM it begins using the hard drive for storing open programs. This can seriously degrade performance of the laptop, as reading and writing from the hard drive is much slower than reading and writing from RAM. Adding more RAM allows users to run more programs at once without slowing down performance.

  1. Faster processing

Many high-end software programs, such as Photoshop and video-editing software, have to process large amounts of data while editing. This data is stored in RAM during processing. If the RAM is already full or nearly full, it will require more reading and writing, which results in slower processing. Adding more RAM to your laptop allows more of this data to be stored for processing, making the programs run faster.

  1. Faster gaming

Most modern computer games process a lot of information. This makes them similar to the high-end software mentioned above. Many computer games require a minimum amount of RAM for good performance, but to get the best performance from any game, it is recommended that users exceed the minimum requirements.

RAM upgrades are some of the least expensive upgrades a user can make, and it is a very quick and simple upgrade. With the low cost of most RAM upgrades, it is often a good idea to install the maximum amount of RAM that a laptop can handle to ensure the most performance boost possible from the upgrade. Consult your favorite online parts retail store for the correct amount is possible to upgrade for your laptop.