The top 5 parts to go bad on a laptop

A laptop is made up of a large number of components that all must function well in order for your computer experience to be complete. Unfortunately, this often means that a single failure in any one component can cause your entire laptop to be out of commission until it is repaired. Here are the top 5 parts that are most likely to fail in a laptop, and why.

Optical Drive

CD and DVD drives, and even newer Blu-ray drives, contain more moving parts than most other laptop components, which makes them more likely to fail. In addition, the reading lens is often susceptible to scratches and other damage. If your optical drive fails, it can often be replaced at an affordable price.


Laptop batteries are fairly destined to fail, as they lose capacity over time until their maximum capacity is no longer useful and battery life is extremely short. Luckily, replacing the battery is one of the most simple and painless items on the list.

Hard Drives

Companies that sell backup products often tell you it is not a matter of “if” your hard drive will fail, but “when.” This may be a bit dramatic, but the fact is that hard drives and their moving parts are a common point of failure for laptops. Replacing the drive is fairly simple, but getting your data back is more difficult. Always use a good backup plan that will allow you to recover your important files in case of a hard drive failure.

LCD Screen

The LCD screen of your laptop draws more power than any other component, making it susceptible to power problems. Diagnosing the issue is often challenging, as it could be a problem with the screen itself, the inverter, or other problems. See a repair shop for a good diagnosis.

AC Adapter

The AC adapter is an overlooked component of a laptop, but is essential for keeping it up and running. It is also the most likely part to fail on any laptop, printer or desktop (power supply). AC adapters tend to get knocked around and shoved in and out of bags, making them susceptible to physical damage to the cords and the transformer unit. Like batteries, AC adapters are very easy to replace.

If you find that a component of your laptop has failed, see if the repair is covered under warranty. If not, and the repair is simple, consider performing the repair yourself, or consult a repair shop for help.