5844mAh/90Wh VX04XL battery online store in UK

Find the 5844mAh/90Wh 15.4V laptop battery model replacement HP VX04XL battery, high-quality charging type of HP HSTNN-IB8F HSN-Q13C L06302-1C1 L05766-855 Series. Fast shipping in the UK and shopping easily online. Getting more information about batteries models, you need to visit the UK-online battery store-www.uk-online.co.uk.

Best price HP VX04XL 5844mAh/90Wh 15.4V rechargeable BATTERY replacement

HP VX04XL battery

Product details:

Brand: HP laptop battery

Type: Li-ion-battery

Voltage: 5844mAh/90Wh

Capacity: 15.4V

Replace the following part numbers:



Fits the Following Models:

HP HSTNN-IB8F HSN-Q13C L06302-1C1 L05766-855 Series

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DE: HP VX04XL Akku

IT: Batteria HP VX04XL

How to maintain the PC laptop battery?

1. The battery does not need to wait until 0% is charging.

2. the first few use of charging does not need to charge for 12 hours. After the charge is full, there is no charging current even if the charging cable is not pulled out. (provided that the PC does not boot)

3. Do not use batteries and power chargers that are not equipped with the machine.

4. Users who use batteries frequently do not need to worry about plugging in full power. But you need to pay attention to controlling the temperature.

5. For users who do not use the battery basically, remove the battery and use the power supply to charge.

6. When placing, it is recommended that you store the battery in a dry environment with a temperature of -10-35 °C to avoid sunlight.

7. When not using the notebook for a long time, remove it and store it in a dry place.

8. Before the battery is stored separately, ensure that the battery power is better than 80%.

9. Since the lithium battery will pollute the environment after being damaged, there is also a certain danger, so please do not disassemble and discard the battery.

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